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Garage Door Security - Protecting Your Home from Burglars

Your garage is often an overlooked aspect of home security, but it serves as a crucial entry point for burglars. With a few simple measures, you can significantly enhance your garage door security and deter potential intruders.

Garage Door Security

1. Secure the Emergency Release Cord

The emergency release cord is a common target for burglars, as it can be easily accessed from the outside to open the garage door. To prevent this, install a protective shield or cover that blocks access to the cord. These devices are inexpensive and easy to install, but they provide a significant layer of protection.

2. Reinforce the Door and Frame

Garage doors are often made of lightweight materials that can be easily pried open. To strengthen the door, consider adding a layer of plywood or steel to the inside. Additionally, secure the hinges with longer screws and install a high-quality deadbolt lock.

3. Upgrade the Garage Door Opener

Older garage door openers may be vulnerable to hacking or jamming. To ensure your system is secure, upgrade to a newer opener with rolling code technology. This technology encrypts the signal between the remote control and the opener, making it much more difficult for burglars to intercept and gain access.

4. Install Motion Sensors and Alarms

Motion sensors and alarms can alert you to unauthorized entry attempts, even if the garage door is not breached. Place motion sensors near the garage door opening and around any windows or doors that lead into the garage. Connect the alarms to your home security system or a monitoring service for immediate notification.

5. Keep the Garage Door Closed and Locked

Avoid leaving your garage door open or unlocked, even for short periods. When you’re away from home, make sure the door is closed and securely locked. Additionally, consider using a timer to automatically close the garage door after a certain amount of time.

6. Maintain and Inspect the Garage Door Regularly

Regular maintenance can help prevent malfunctions that could compromise your garage door security. Inspect the door opener, tracks, rollers, and hinges for signs of wear or damage. Lubricate moving parts regularly to ensure smooth operation.

Integrity Garage Door Repair

At Integrity Garage Door Repair, we specialize in providing comprehensive garage door security solutions for homes in Smithfield. Our experienced technicians can assess your garage door’s vulnerabilities and recommend the best security measures to protect your home.


A high-quality deadbolt lock is the best choice for securing your garage door. Look for a lock with a reinforced deadbolt and a strike plate that is anchored to the framing.

You should inspect your garage door at least once a year, or more often if you notice any signs of wear or damage. Pay close attention to the opener, tracks, rollers, and hinges.